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MIDIoverLAN handles cross platform, so it will work between Windows/Mac OS X and any other computer, whether its a Mac or a PC.


by Sound on Sound about MIDIoverLAN
With a Local Area Network connecting your computers, the MIDI over LAN utility provides a simple and rugged way to send MIDI signals between them, without needing hardware MIDI interfaces.

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If your PCs already have some type of network port, you may not even need to have a hardware MIDI interface on each one to run synchronised music applications. MIDI over LAN was designed as a simple, robust utility to connect MIDI applications spread amongst severally locally networked computers. However, it also allows you to interconnect several MIDI applications on the same computer, so that you can port MIDI data from one to the other at will.

In 2004, a major update turned this utility into the rather more ambitious MIDI over LAN CP (Cross Platform), enabling you to create a MIDI network containing both Mac and PC machines. MIDI timing accuracy is also claimed to be even better than in previous versions. It requires Windows 2000 SP4 or XP SP1 and later, or Mac OSX 10.2.4 or later. Now at version 2.2, MIDI over LAN CP is available in a Standard edition that supports up to 16 'Netport' MIDI devices (each device acts like a standard MIDI port that provides up to 16 simultaneous channels, so the maximum total number of MIDI channels is 256), while the Platinum version supports up to 64 ports, for up to 1024 MIDI channels. Each MIDI over LAN CP device also has multi-client driver support for up to four clients, making it easier (for instance) to run a sequencer output and synth editor simultaneously to the same destination synth.

Prices start at $129 (about £70) for the most typical two-computer setup ($169 for the Platinum version), and jump to $199 ($269) for a bundle for four computers and $299 ($369) for eight. A 1.4MB demo version that runs for 14 days is also available to download. I had no problems installing and getting the Standard version running. So that it can be configured to suit your setup, the MIDI In and Out can be enabled independently for each of the available ports (labelled Netport1 to Netport16) and the MIDI In can be configured to receive data from any host PC, or only from a specific IP Address (see 'Technical Terminology' box). The MIDI Outs must always be set to point to the recipient PC's IP Address. There's a handy MIDI monitor that displays MIDI over LAN activity, and overall I found that this utility worked faultlessly on my PCs.


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